RimWorld Alpha 16 – Ep. 0 – Wanderlust! – RimWorld Gameplay

RimWorld Alpha 16 – Ep. 0 – Wanderlust! – RimWorld Gameplay


Welcome to RimWorld Alpha 16! RimWorld Alpha 16 brings a whole new adventure to life on the RimWorld. In this wanderlust update, we now have the ability to send trade (and attack) caravans to other faction’s bases!

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RimWorld Gameplay Overview:

RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Generates stories by simulating psychology, ecology, gunplay, melee combat, climate, biomes, diplomacy, interpersonal relationships, art, medicine, trade, and more.

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RimWorld Alpha 16 Overview:

RimWorld Alpha 16 – Wanderlust is released! This update adds a spherical world and the ability to travel across it with multiple caravans, having simultaneous encounters on the way and settling new colonies.

Spherical planet

►World map is now modeled as a sphere covered with hexagons (

►New biome: sea ice.


►Player can now gather up groups of colonists, prisoners, and animals, and form caravans to travel across the world surface.

Transport pods

►You can build transport pod launchers and transport pods. These let you launch their contents long distances across the world map, over oceans or mountains.

Usability improvements

►New research screen! Research projects are laid out visually according to their dependencies in a left-to-right arrangement similar to the Civilization games. Modders need to manually place their projects, but if two overlap the game will automatically move them apart.

Drugs and health

►Drug rebalance. Increase drug addictiveness in general. Drugs can now damage the body in various ways: Alcohol can cause brain damage or liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, smokeleaf can cause asthma or lung cancer, psychite can damage kidneys, wake-up and go-juice can damage the brain, and generalized overdoses can cause brain damage.


►Reworked surgery failure into three modes – minor, catastrophic, and ridiculous. Ridiculous hits all body parts, minor and catastrophic hit parts near the surgery site.

►Reworked trade prices across the board. Simplified trade price calculations and added rich tooltips to feed them back.

►The mood effects from room impressiveness have been redesigned and rebalanced. Characters now have consistently reasonable thoughts about the quality of their personal room, so there is a reason to make better rooms (though high-quality rooms aren’t absolutely necessary). Mood effects from eating in or convalescing in nice/poor rooms are also more reasonable and better-fed back.

►Rebalanced plant growth timings.

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